Fitness and Health Tips – Fight A Cold Better!

Cold is one of those diseases for which a proper cure has not been found out yet. It will be a pain in the neck while having cold as it may mess up the whole day’s work by keeping you restless and uneasy. However as prevention is better than cure, here are some tips to prevent a “cold war” on you!Keep Away from Germs: Germs are the carriers of cold and infections. You must always keep away from germs by washing your hands and feet once you come home from work. You must stress the habit of staying clean and washing hands before and after your meal even to your children.
Exercise Regularly: Include exercise into your daily activities. Exercise is a good developer of your immune system. Better your immune system is lesser are the chances of you catching cold!
Have a balanced Diet: Make your meal a wholesome one by including green leafy vegetables. Diet and nutrition also keeps your immune system stable.
Sleep Well: However busy and stressed you are, never miss a good night’s sleep. A sound sleep restores your body back to form. Taking proper rest prevent s cold.
Watch your water: It is always better to drink purified or boiled water. (Warm water in itself has several benefits and let us put all those for a separate article…). Water kept in a shinning glass does not mean that it is pure. Watch out before you drink!
Avoid Self-Medication: Consulting a doctor even for a slight headache is the way for an ideal health. All diseases show some symptoms before they take their attack to the peak. So, it is better to get a physician’s help early to destroy cold at its roots.I hope this article would have revised some ideas which you may already know and also that it would have triggered your mind to apply it daily.